005Inline vertical basket strainers (VBS) are strainers configured such that the flow crosses through the basket, thus allowing it to be strained and purified. VBS filters offer a number of excellent benefits including:

Benefits of Vertical Basket Strainers

  • Protects downstream equipment from contaminants
  • Various connection types available:
    • Slip-on flange
    • Butt weld
    • Weld-neck
    • Ring type joint (RTJ)
  • Customizable by line size
  • Accommodates different temperatures and pressures
  • Different micron ratings available

Vertical Basket Strainer Options

In addition to the advantages discussed above, vertical basket strainers also have many other options available which can further enhance performance or make them more suitable for a given application. These additional options include:

Options for VBS Strainers

  • T-Bolt closures
  • Differential pressure connections
  • Davits for blind flange
  • Offset nozzles
  • Marking and tagging requirements
  • Code requirements

Gulf Coast Filters Provides Vertical Basket Strainers

Gulf Coast Filters supplies a range of vertical basket strainers. Our VBS strainers are built to last and feature high quality and dependability. These strainers will improve flow purity and keep valuable downstream equipment safe from contaminants.