002Gulf Coast Filters provides dependable, high quality industrial strainers that are ideal for use in a wide range of industrial applications. We also provide strainer repair services that are designed to help our customers get the repairs they need quickly and efficiently so that they can get back to business as usual. Our products and services include the following:

Carbon Steel Strainers – Carbon steel strainers offer a number of great advantage including resistance to high pressure and high temperature, great durability and strength, and the potential to be customized as needed for the particular application.

Stainless Steel Strainers – Stainless steel strainers are highly resistant to corrosion, which makes them a great choice for industrial and commercial applications that deal with food, beverages, or other consumables. They safely and efficiently remove contaminants from flow and are available in a full range of options.

VBS Strainers – VBS strainers, or vertical basket strainers are perfectly suited for protecting valuable, sensitive downstream equipment from damage from contaminants while also being customizable in terms of the connection they use, straining characteristics, size, and other key factors.

Strainer Vessels – Gulf Coast Filters provides high quality strainer vessels that have been hydrostatically tested, are precision crafted, and ASME or ANSI code approved. Our strainer vessels are designed to hold up under demanding conditions.

Strainer Repair – If your strainer has been damaged or broken Gulf Coast Filters can help. Our hard-working, experienced service crews have the skills and dedication it takes to get your strainer repaired quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your job site.