turbine-slide-1Gulf Coast Filters provides a full range of turbine filter services. Services include:

Filter Testing – Worn-out filters are little more than useless and drive up operating costs while endangering valuable turbine equipment; however, replacing a filter too soon is a waste of money. Gulf Coast Filters solves both problems by providing reliable, accurate filter testing that will let you know when it is time to replace your turbine filter.

Filter Removal and Replacement – When it is time to replace the turbine filter Gulf Coast Filters will perform the removal and replacement, ensuring that everything is properly configured and functioning at top performance levels.

Evaporative Cooler Commissioning – Gulf Coast Filters also provides a full range of evaporative cooler commissioning services such as sump, pump, and meter tuneups as well as carefully checking and, when needed, replacing seals, gaskets, and caulking.

Evaporative Cooler Media Replacement – Periodically changing evaporative cooler media is a necessity that will keep units operating at peak levels. We perform these important replacement services as well as inspection CELdek and the drift eliminator spacing to ensure that it is correct, testing of the distribution heater, inspection of the media itself, and annual inspections and reports.

Filter House Inspections – Gulf Coast Filters provides routine filter house inspections that are designed to ensure that your filter system is running at optimal performance levels and in accordance with manufacturer specifications. Our services include quarterly inspections, an average one-day turnaround, inspection of the filter cleanliness, ensuring proper yolk and clip assembly, checking for rusty frames and leak paths, as well as other signs of damage.

Gulf Coast Filters has what it takes to be your full-service, comprehensive turbine filter specialist.