5981738_sGulf Coast Filters offers a full range of services designed to help customers with all of their filter needs. Our services include the following:

Equipment Rental – Our equipment rental services will help our customers save money by avoiding the purchase of new equipment while also avoiding downtime and lost productivity. Our equipment is available fast, ASME coded and approved, and thoroughly well maintained.

Ultrasonic Cleaning – Ultrasonic cleaning is a highly effective, safe method of cleaning filters. It uses ultrasonic frequencies and a cleaning solvent to penetrate deeply into filter crevices, folds, and other openings to remove dirt and contaminants and restore filter function.

Repair & Recovery – Our repair and recovery services allow customers to save money on new filters be reconditioning and repairing older filters. We can even retrofit filters with new coatings and fabrics that will enhance their quality and performance.

Turbine Filter Services – We offer a comprehensive list of turbine filter services such as filter house inspections, filter testing, removal, and replacement, evaporative cooler commissioning and cooler media replacement and much more.

Compressors & Electric Motors Filter Maintenance – Compressors and electric motors demand nothing but the best, most effective filtration and maintenance solutions. We get the job down quickly and efficiently.

Filter Maintenance & Field Crews – Our professional, highly trained maintenance technicians and field crews are able to spot potential problems before they occur and prevent them. We will also strive to work with a minimal amount of disruption to your business and on a schedule and timeline that is most convenient for you.
Project Engineering & Capital Vessel Work – Gulf Coast Filters understands that in addition to great filters and maintenance sometimes our customers also need project engineering services or capital vessel work. We have you covered in this area too thanks to our partnership with JCI Processes.