033Gulf Coast filters is located right in the heart of the Gulf Coast region, an area of the United States that is renowned for its oil and gas, and refining industries. The Gulf Coast boasts some of the most advanced, high capacity refineries in the world. To keep these refineries running smoothly it is imperative that they have high quality filtration systems in place. That is where Gulf Coast Filters comes into play.

Gulf Coast Filters Industry-Leading Filtration Systems

We are committed to supplying outstanding filters and filtration systems to the refining industry. We have what it takes to meet stringent EPA and local purity standards, even in the current age of tougher environmental regulations.

Our refining filtration solutions will:

  • Meet tighter clean fuels product specifications
  • Meet tougher environmental regulations
  • Maintain or increase refinery throughput
  • Lengthen run time
  • Reduce maintenance

Our industry-leading filtration systems will also help refineries maintain or even increase their production. Finally, because our filters and filtration systems are built to last, which results in lengthened run time and a reduction in maintenance.

Types of Refining Filtration Systems

The refining industry has a diverse range of filtration needs. The purity requirements of each will depend on the particular application and the stage the refining process. These different types of filtration systems can loosely be categorized into the following types:

  • Separation of Solids from Liquids
  • Separation of Solids from Gases
  • Separation of Liquids and Solids from Gases
  • Separation of Liquids from Liquids

Gulf Coast Filters offers outstanding filters and filtration systems for each of these different types of filtering needs. Our products feature state-of-the-art technology, quality manufacturing, high efficiency, and durability. Whether our refining customers are solid filtering particulates from crude oil or removing unwanted gases from their product they will have peace of mind knowing that their Gulf Coast Filter is on the job.

Our hard working, experienced field crews are also committed to providing outstanding service and satisfaction. We will work with you to set up service times that best fit your schedule, we will work quickly and efficiently, and our aim will always be to minimize disruption at your worksite. Let Gulf Coast Filters’ refining filtration solutions help your refinery meet its maximum efficiency.