035The pulp and paper industry is an intensive user of filtration systems and products. That is because the quality and purity of the finished product relies heavily on successful filtration at many distinct phases of the manufacturing process. Gulf Coast Filters understands the important role good filtration systems play in the pulp and paper industry and we are experienced with providing the service, quality, and value that this industrial sector needs and expects.

Major Categories of Pulp and Paper Filter Applications

There are dozens of different pulp and paper filtration applications that are required for the manufacturing of any given product. The needs of each application will vary somewhat, but for the most part they can be classified into three major categories. Gulf Coast Filters services these categories in the following ways:

Surface Treatment – Filtering is a crucial element of surface treatment because it helps ensure the quality of the incoming raw materials. Some major sub parts of surface treatment filtration include: insolubilizers, dispersants ground calcium carbonate (GCC), defoamers, calcinated clay, binders, starch, protein, pre coater, finished coatings, and the water box to name just a few.

Wet End Additives – The pulp and paper manufacturing process utilizes many wet end additives. These additives, though crucial to the process, have the potential to damage or interrupt equipment operation or yield a subpar product if there is any debris present in the additives or if the additives contain any undissolved solids. Gulf Coast Filters provides filtration solutions for wet end additives for every step along the way. Good filtration will preserve both the quality of the product and protect the equipment.

Water – Water is one of the most basic yet most important ingredients in the pulp and paper manufacturing process. Systems typically utilize both fresh, intake water as well as used mill water or white water. In both cases it is crucial that this water be thoroughly filtered to remove any oversized, suspended particulates. Gulf Coast Filters offers a range of water filtration solutions to the pulp and paper industry including: membrane system protection, vacuum pump seal water, showers, and trim squirts.

Capabilities of Gulf Coast Filters’ Pulp & Paper Filtration Systems

Gulf Coast Filters’ pulp and paper filtration systems have a number of key capabilities designed to improve quality, purity, and efficiency. Our systems can tackle a wide range of needs including all of the following:

Managing Environmental Risks – Gulf Coast Filters’ filtration systems can help manage environmental risks by ensuring that the process waters used in pulp and paper manufacturing are clean and free of major pollutants. Improving the water quality of mill water or white water will have an important positive impact on the environment while improving the quality of intake water will improve the quality of the product.

Raw Water Treatment – A comprehensive approach to raw water treatment is a fundamental tool for increasing productivity of the plant and the quality of the pulp and paper. Yielding higher grade product results in increased profits.

Boiler Feedwater – Boilers are required for industrial processes that utilize heat, steam, or power. Such industrial boilers represent a significant investment for the pulp and paper company it is essential that they be well-maintained and protected. Using quality, well filtered boiler feedwater is imperative.

Condensate Polishing – Just as the boiler’s feedwater must be well-filtered to protect it, so too must the boiler’s condensate. If the condensate is not polished to remove trace impurities this will result in corrosion and damage to the system.

Process Water Recycling – Process water recycling is required to reduce overall water consumption, cut down on costs, and improve the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process. Gulf Coast Filters provides state-of-the-art filtration solutions designed to yield recycled process water that is pure and safe for reuse.

Gulf Coast Filters is continually looking for ways to offer its pulp and paper customers even more, better value. We are dedicated to providing this important industrial sector with industry-leading quality and service. Our experienced field crews will also strive to keep disruption to the business site at a minimum without sacrificing thoroughness or reliability.