The oil and gas industry is a large, multi-dimensional sector that has a huge impact on the US economy as well as the economy of the Houston and Gulf Coast region where it is heavily based. The applications, processes, and needs of the oil and gas industry are as diverse as the industry itself. One unifying factor is the importance of reliable, high quality filtration solutions. Just about all systems and equipment that use oil and gas need to have a filtration system in place. Some of the many types of industrial and commercial equipment that need filters include:

  • Well-servicing equipment
  • Fracking equipment
  • Seismic machinery
  • Bulk Fuel
  • Lube Storage and delivery vehicles
  • Transportation vehicles
  • Company transportation
  • Power generation equipment
  • Turbines

Though the oil and gas equipment and machinery using the filters differ, the filters themselves tend to carry out many of the same types of functions. These functions include:

  • Protecting process equipment
  • Protecting ancillary machinery and equipment
  • Increasing uptime and productivity
  • Reducing maintenance
  • Reducing emissions
  • Boosting product retention
  • Maximizing catalyst life
  • Maximizing profitability
  • Eliminating media handling
  • Improving safety

This important, but diverse range of goals and benefits is a tall order for the humble filter, but it is nevertheless a task that modern filtration systems are up to. Gulf Coast Filters is highly experienced in finding successful oil and gas filtration solutions. Our industry-leading product lines and unwavering commitment to service and value make us the go-to choice for oil and gas filters in the Gulf Coast region.