036A good filtration system is one of the most crucial aspects of effective chemical processing. Without good filtration contaminants can undermine the safety, efficacy, and quality of chemical manufacturing processes. By contrast a good filtration system will improve the quality and efficiency of the chemical processing. Gulf Coast filters offers comprehensive chemical processing filtration solutions In a range of key areas including:

Water Filtration – Water is a major component in the majority of all chemical processes. Depending on the particular stage of the process and the eventual use of the product, the water required for the process may need minimal treating or it may need to be exceptionally pure. Gulf Coast Filters has a full array of high quality water filtration systems that that will get the job done regardless of the initial source water or purity demands required.

Raw Materials – The raw materials used in chemical process have a major impact on the quality of the end results. The degree and type of raw material filtration required to yield the best results possible will vary based on the initial quality of the ingredients, the storage system, distribution equipment, and even the environmental conditions present at the particular processing facility. Gulf Coast Filters offers a wide range of raw material filtration solutions that range from depth filters and high purity membranes to everything in between. We have the raw materials filters it takes to maximize quality and success.

Process Gases – Many chemical processes also involve the use of processes gases. These process gases can adversely affect the outcome of the chemical processing if they contain too many particulates or impurities. Such contaminants could even result in serious defects. Process gas filters are an invaluable tool to protect against these problems in everything from gas distribution to point-of-use systems. Gulf Coast Filters’ process gas filters will ensure the quality and consistency of results. We offer major process gas filters such as depth media or hydrophobic membrane filters.

Clarification – The clarification phase of chemical processing occurs right after the chemical creation process. During the clarification phase the final product is further filtered. This additional filtration may be performed to enhance the overall purity of the product, but it may also be performed in order to protect sensitive equipment and processes further downstream of the initial chemical processing. As such clarification often needs to be performed to very exacting standards and may call for the filtration removal of even tiny, sub-micron sized contaminants. Gulf Coast Filters has the filter systems needed to perform this and other levels of clarification.

Formulation & Filling – Once the chemical manufacturing is complete it is essential that its quality and purity be protected. This will typically involve ensuring that the product is free of all visible products and that there is no bacterial contamination of any key solutions. The removal of visible particulates and sediment can be accomplished with depth filters while the removal of bacterial and smaller particles typically requires membrane filters. Gulf Coast Filters’ utilizes highly advanced, sensitive filters to accomplish the formulation and filling stage. Our filters will target the unwanted contaminants without compromising the integrity of the product.

Gulf Coast Filters’ is a full service provider of filtration solutions to the chemical processing sector. We are experienced with the unique needs and demands of this industry and we carefully select high quality, dependable filtration products that are designed to meet those needs.

Gulf Coast Filters’ not only focuses on excellent product lines, but also on outstanding customer service. Our experienced technicians and work crews are highly professional and work quickly and efficiently to ensure a minimal amount of disruption to our customers’ daily operations.