012The power generation industry relies on boilers to turn water into steam so that in turn that steam can be used to power gcs. For this process to work efficiently, however, the purity of the water must be ensured to prevent damage to the gcs or buildup in the boilers. Local, state, and federal government also place stringent regulations on emission levels. The answer to the challenges these requirements place on the power generation industry often lies in an extremely important piece of equipment: filters.

Air Intake Filters – Air intake filters take on the crucial role of filtering out dust and other impurities from the intake air before it can get inside the equipment and do damage and compromise efficiency. Gulf Coast Filters supplies air intake filters from major brands including Braden, Pneumafil, Donaldson, Koch, American Air, Filtration Group, and TDC.

Demineralized Water Filters – Untreated water naturally contains minerals which if allowed to remain would create buildup and sludge that would damage boilers, reduce their efficiency, and necessitate costly repairs and maintenance. Demineralized water filters eliminate this problem right at the source by removing harmful minerals from the feed water. Gulf Coast Filters brings customers demineralized water filters from manufacturers such as U.S. Filter, F.S.I., Pall, Cuno, and Peco.

Lube Oil Filters – Lube oil filters are needed to remove particulates and other contaminants and to extend the life of the oil and associated machinery. Gulf Coast Filters offers an excellent array of high performing lube oil filters, including those from National Filtration, Hilco, Moog, Pall, and Parker.

Fuel Gas Filters/Separators – Fuel gas filters/separators are needed to ensure the quality and integrity of the fuel gas. Gulf Coast Filters offers a line of high quality fuel gas filters/separators from National Filtration, Peco, and Hydac.

Gulf Coast Filters offers comprehensive filters services to the power generation industry. We will install and inspect our customers’ filters and our experienced field crews are trained to work quickly and efficiently with a minimum amount of disruption to the customer.