11Hydraulic power plays a major role in a vast array of different industrial and commercial process. Hydraulic systems tend to be both very powerful and very reliable. However, when there is a problem with an hydraulic system it has been determined that in about 80% of cases the problem is related to improper or inadequate contamination control. That is what makes oil and hydraulic filters so crucial. Gulf Coast Filters supplies a full range of oil and hydraulic filters designed to eliminate contamination problems and keep equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

Areas of Application for Oil & Hydraulic Filters

Oil and hydraulic filters have a very wide range of applications because oil and hydraulic power systems are themselves ubiquitous. Anywhere an oil or hydraulic system exists it will almost certainly require a filtration system. Some of the many areas of application for oil and hydraulic filters include:

  • Wind Generation
  • In-Plant Automotive
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Machine Tool
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Paper
  • Oil and Gas

Categories of Oil & Hydraulic Filter Products

While for the most part the purpose of oil and hydraulic filters is to filter out contaminants and impurities from the oil and hydraulic systems, there are nevertheless some important subcategories with particular specialization that are worth discussing. These include:

  • Hydraulic & Lubrication Systems – The role of hydraulic and lubrication systems is to enhance both the reliability of the machinery and equipment utilizing the oil and hydraulic system as well as to increase the service lifespan of the particular equipment.
  • Condition Monitoring – Condition monitoring systems help guage and quantify fluid cleanliness and contamination levels. This provides important information about the system and helps that any relevant standards such as those set by the NAS, ISO, and SAE AS are being met.
  • Hydraulic Filter Accessories – In addition to the systems themselves and condition monitoring equipment there are also a number of important associated hydraulic filter accessories. These accessories include things such as adaptors, breathers, hose lines, suction strainers, evacuation and bleeder connections, clogging indicators, and more.

Gulf Coast Filters is meticulous about selecting only the best oil and hydraulic filter products for our customers. We are committed to providing outstanding products and services that will enhance the reliability and efficiency of oil and hydraulic systems. Our diverse line of products will ensure that regardless of the particular oil and hydraulic application Gulf Coast Filters can help.