014Microfiltration is a very important form of filtration which use a membrane to physically filter out very tiny suspended particles or microorganisms from a process liquid. The process liquid passes through the filter and over the membrane, thereby trapping and removing contaminants and leaving only clean, pure liquid. Microfiltration may be done by itself on in conjunction with other types of filtrations such as ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis. Gulf Coast Filters offers a wide range of microfiltration products that are ideal for a variety of different applications.

Range of Microfiltration Applications

The range of different microfiltration applications is extensive and microfiltration may be called for any time tiny, microscopic particles and microorganisms need to be removed from a liquid. However, some of the most common, major applications of microfiltration include the following:

Water Treatment – One of the most prolific uses of microfiltration is in water treatment. That is because in order for water to be considered safe and potable pathogens such as tiny protozoa and other organisms must be removed. Microfiltration is a good solution for water treatment because it operates by physical rather than chemical means, thereby keeping extra chemicals out of the water. The water may then be used for drinking and personal use, or quite often for commercial or industrial use.

Sterilisation – Microfiltration is also used for applications such as sterilization, particularly “cold sterilization” which does not require any heat to perform. This is important because some foods and beverages lose flavor and quality as a result of exposure to the high temperatures traditionally used for sterilization. Likewise the pharmaceutical industry often relies on microfiltration for sterilization because high temperatures might reduce the efficacy of certain medications.

Petroleum Refining – Microfiltration is often used in the petroleum refining industry as a means to remove tiny particulates from flue gases. This helps prevent fouling and allows the refinery to meet emissions standards. The microfiltration products used in this application must be able to endure very high temperatures due to the nature of the industry.

Dairy Processing – Microfiltration is also commonly used in the dairy industry, particularly for the processing of milk and whey. That is because the microfiltration membranes help aid in the removal of bacteria and bacteria spores. This acts as a type of precursor to pasteurisation and helps further extend the shelf-life of the product.

Gulf Coast Filters offers a wide range of different microfiltration products for use in these and other industrial and commercial applications. We are continually looking for ways to expand and enhance our microfiltration product line and we are careful to ensure that only the best microfilters reach our customers. Gulf Coast Filters is committed to serving the microfiltration sector.