010Liquid filtration is one of most basic, yet diverse types of filtration. The process involves the unfiltered, contaminated liquid flowing through a filter medium of varying types that are designed to trap solid particulates, thereby allowing only clean, filtered liquid through. This basic filtration system is invaluable to a vast array of different industrial and commercial businesses including: oil and gas wells, pulp and paper mills, shipbuilders, cosmetics, textiles, food and beverage, and much, much more.

Types of Liquid Filter Products

There are a variety of different liquid filter products available. These products vary by the type of filter media they use as well as the type of contaminant they are designed to remove. Gulf Coast Filters offers a comprehensive product line of liquid filter products that include:

    Liquid Cartridge Filters

    • Sediment Cartridges
    • Carbon Cartridges
    • Process Cartridges
    • Resin Bonded Cartridges
    • Stringwound Cartridges
    • Melt Blown Cartridges

    Liquid Cartridge Housings

    • Ice Machine Filter Housings
    • Single Cartridge Housings
    • Duplex Housings
    • Multi Cartridge Housings

    Liquid Bag Filters

    Liquid Pleated Bag Filters

    Liquid Bag Housings

    • Single Bag Housings
    • Multi Bag Housings

We also have liquid filters with leaves and screens that are ideal for various types of filtration demands and which deliver consistent quality and purity. Our products are carefully selected and quality tested and our friendly, well-informed salespeople can assist customers with finding the best liquid filter for their particular needs.

Water Filtration

One of the most major types of liquid to require filtration is of course water. Water is used in some way in the manufacturing and production of just about all industrial and commercial products. The purity of the water required and the contaminants that need to be filtered vary greatly, but Gulf Coast Filters’ wide range of liquid and water filtration systems are up to almost any challenge.

Gulf Coast Filters Brings Experience and Professionalism

Gulf Coast Filters is highly experienced in the liquid filters industry. We can quickly and accurately assist customers with their liquid filters needs and we strive to deliver nothing but the highest level of customer service and value. Our experienced, professional technicians can service your liquid filter and filtration system onsite and they will get the job done efficiently and with a minimal amount of disruption to your daily operations.