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Many companies fully replace their worn out filters with brand new filters when the time comes. While that’s certainly great and obviously up to the particular company depending on their needs, budgets, and other personal factors, there is another great option worth considering: reconditioned filters. Let’s look at some of the top advantages of reconditioned filters compared to new ones:

Reconditioned Filters Are Less Expensive

All companies have to care about the bottom line if they want to stay in business. Fortunately reconditioned filters are usually a less expensive option than buying an all-new filter. Gulf Coast Filters is happy to help you compare the costs of a new versus a reconditioned filter so that you can make an informed choice

Reconditioned Filters Are Better for the Environment

More and more customers are demanding better environmental practices from the companies they do business with. Likewise, many of the companies themselves have taken on the cause and are striving to be green. Reconditioned filters are a great option for this purpose because they use fewer resources than a new filter would and do not have to be disposed of.

Reconditioned Filters Meet or Exceed OEM Specs

One of the main reasons a company unfamiliar with reconditioned filters may be hesitant to use them is a fear that they will not be as effective as new filters. Fortunately that is not the case. All of Gulf Coast Filters reconditioned filters meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specs.

Reconditioned Filters Can be Retrofitted

As we just mentioned all of our reconditioned filters meet or exceed their original performance levels. One of the most exciting capabilities we offer when servicing and repairing filters is retrofitting to enhance their performance beyond original levels. Ask us about new filter coatings and filter fabrics for your reconditioned filter.

Gulf Coast Filters Services Major Brands and Manufacturers

Our customers can rest assured that Gulf Coast Filters will be able to meet their needs. We work on a wide variety of different brands from different manufacturers. We also service sewn end, molded end, and panel filters. For more information please check out our page for reconditioned filters and our repair and recover page.

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