008Gulf Coast Filters provides the absolute best, highest quality filters and filtration products. Some of our many filters include the following:

Air and Gas Filters – Gulf Coast Filters has a high quality line of industrial air and gas filters designed to protect equipment, lower operating costs, remove contaminants, and provide high efficiency, thorough filtration. Our wide selection of air and gas filters also ensures that we will have a great filter for every industrial setting and application.

Liquid Filters – Gulf Coast Filters has a wide selection of liquid filtration products including liquid cartridge filters, liquid cartridge housings, liquid bag housings, liquid bag filters, and liquid pleated filter bags. These liquid filters are designed to provide dependable, efficient filtration for liquids.

Oil & Hydraulic Filters – Hydraulic equipment is often very sensitive and demands a clean flow to prevent damage and lost productivity. Our oil and hydraulic filters provide that consistent, thorough filtration. Applications include industrial machinery and equipment, hydraulic presses, wind generation, and many more.

Power Generation Filters – The power generation industry is of paramount importance, providing the energy that makes the American way of life possible. In order to do this the power generation industry needs outstanding filtration equipment including air intake filters, demineralized water filters, lube oil filters, and fuel gas filters and separators. Gulf Coast Filters has the products it takes to get the job done.

Fuel Filters – Fuel efficiency beings to suffer and valuable equipment is in danger of damage when fuel filters aren’t up to job. Fortunately Gulf Coast Filters supplies a full range of excellent fuel filters designed to improve efficiency, lower costs, and keep fuel system running safely and smoothly.

Microfiltration – Microfiltration is essential for removing tiny, microscopic contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and suspended solids. Microfiltration products are a crucial element of water treatment and sterilization. Gulf Coast Filters provides high quality microfiltration products capable of removing even the tiniest of contaminants.

Reconditioned Filters – Reconditioned filters are often a much more economical and environmentally friendly solution than purchasing a brand new filter. Gulf Coast Filters provides excellent reconditioned filters including sewn filters, molded filters, and panel filters. These filters are ideal for a range of industrial applications and industries.