028Wire cloth filters are popular in extremely demanding industrial settings that call for very high durability filters. They are also beneficial because they can be clean. Some of the challenging situations in which wire cloth filters excel include the following:

  • Situations involving viscosity stress
  • Situations with chemical compatibility issues
  • High temperature settings
  • Settings with high differential pressure
  • Instances involving a high contaminant loading

Types of Wire Cloth Filters

Wire cloth filters are available in the following main categories:

  • Cylindrical cartridges
  • Radial fin filter configurations
  • Panel filters configurations
  • Pleated Cartridges

Material for Wire Cloth Filters

Wire cloth filters commonly come in the following types of materials:
Stainless steel

  • Inconel
  • Hastelloy C
  • Monel
  • Titanium

They are also available in a wide range of micron ratings, typically as small as 5 microns up to 5,000 microns. This ensures that whatever the industrial application there will be a suitable wire cloth filter. Gulf Coast Filters is pleased to offer high quality, efficient, dependable wire cloth filters to our customers.