019Pleated media are a highly effective element of industrial filters. The pleating of the media helps increase the amount of surface area as well as the dirt and impurity holding capacity of the filter. Pleated media allow for high flow rates, thus increasing the speed and efficiency of filtration, as well as a low initial pressure drop. Pleated media typically operate as the flow passes from the outside of the media to the inside; however, the cartridges can also be specially designed to allow for inside-to-outside, reverse flow as needed by the application.

Pleated Media Are Versatile

Pleated media filters can be designed to best fit the needs of the customer and application. They are available in a wide variety of different sizes as well as media type. They may be customized based on the flow they will need to handle, the temperature of the flow, or the chemical properties of the process. They can even be designed to best fit the particulate size of the contamination they will be removing.

Designed for:

  • Flow rates
  • Temperature levels
  • Chemical properties
  • Particulate size

Gulf Coast Filters supplies dependable, high quality pleated media filters for clients throughout the industrial sector.