023Air and gas intake filters are specially designed to remove impurities such as dirt, dust, pipe scale, and other contaminants from compressed air or gas streams in pipelines. This crucial function ensures that the air or gas stream is clean and safe before entering other equipment downstream that could be damaged by contaminants.

Air and Gas Intake Filter Materials

Air and gas intake filters are usually constructed with carbon steel and then treated with a primer coating and weather paint to help prevent rust and corrosion. However, they can also be custom made using other materials and are available in different outlet sizes and CFT capacities.

Designed for Maximum Efficiency

Air and gas intake filters commonly utilize a radial fin design for the replacement element. This offers several key advantages including:

  • Increased filter area
  • Low pressure drop
  • Long element life
  • Superior dirt-holding capacity

Additionally, the filter may be equipped with a filter silencer for quieter operation. Gulf Coast Filters offers a full range of Air and gas intake filter options including different panel styles, efficiencies, and micron ratings with extremely high filtering efficiency possible even for very small contaminants.